Don't be Timid

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to draw more than a couple of lines in ever decreasing dimensions whilst sitting chatting to your friends on the phone, well here’s your chance. With the advent of youtube, the world of video tutorials and gifted people kindly helping the rest of us mere mortals, has exploded. However, there is a downside and that is for every really cool genius, there are a multitude of idiots that are just not ready to be teaching/showing the rest of us stupid people how to do anything.

We follow a couple of drawing demons, but Jazza goes above and beyond. For some reason the world of drawing has very staid, almost boring, people leading it and trying to teach it. Its difficult to build any form of affinity with the tutor, your brain shuts down almost immediately as they start talking and you find yourself happier locked in a room making the same mistakes over and over rather than listening and watching to help break your habits.

Well Jazza will not bore you; of that we are most definitely certain. In fact, the opposite will very likely be true and you will find yourself laughing at your computer screen whilst waving your tablet pen around like a nutter (or your pencil if you’re still all old school).

So lets meet Jazza (and the Monkey)

He’s obviously not really a cartoon character, but a real flesh and bloody artist Josiah Brooks. Although we love his alter ego Jazza.

Jazza has various tutorials to keep you drawing for days, weeks and possibly even months before you need to move away from your computer. Although we highly recommend a maid service for your food and other such essentials whilst you’re there.

Ok, so it’s all a bit tongue in cheek and a lot of fun, but so informative and we think the humour helps the important points stick in your head. When trying to learn new stuff its difficult to keep making mistakes, the doubt sets in and before you know it, you’ve put the pen down and you’re off trying to find another way of channeling that creative energy.

Jazza helps a lot, he helps you to trust your mistakes and move forward regardless.

So we thank Josiah for being a “good sport” (sorry, we couldn’t resist) and for being an inspirational artist and virtual tutor. Here’s to learning more and more.

But before we leave we though we should share this video, you will learn loads and remember even more.

– Dave