Don't be Timid

Well OK, most of the planet say 21 is the year, but lets face it, until your 25 you still get carded every time you want to buy a drink, your car insurance premiums are still through the roof. So we say 25 is the year you come of age. In this case its the world dominating, image manipulation software platform Photoshop from Adobe.

We have used it since the very beginning and with every release have always smiled at the innovations and tools that have been available, this has not changed with the advent of Adobe’s CC platform, Photoshop is still going from strength-to-strength. So when everyone is bitching about its use, we think it should be celebrated. An amazing tool that does exactly what it says it will do. So we lift a glass to Photoshop and thank Adobe for their efforts over these very good 25 years.

For further the celebrations Adobe has also posted a timeline of Photoshop milestones as well as an interview with Thomas Knoll, one of the program’s creators. Both are well worth checking out!