Don't be Timid

So you’ve watched over 20 plays in 2012! Some you loved, others you walked out of during the interval, and even fell asleep during one (yes I did, during a play by the RSC, Written on the Heart, at the Duchess Theatre)!

The Magistrate stands out as the best thing I’ve seen all year, alongside another great play, Misterman  (Cillian Murphy playing the mad man) .

I went to watch The Magistrate simply because John Lithgow was performing. Lithgow known for his roles in the hit TV show, Third Rock From The Sun and Dexter.

Lithgow’s performance was both fabulous and entertaining.  The set design was one of the best I’ve seen all year. Lithgow’s comic timing and mannerisms were perfect. I was riveted to my seat longing for more and was even a little sad when the final curtain fell.

Lithgow plays a bumbling English magistrate  married to a widow, played by Olivier Award winner Nancy Carroll, with an adult son paraded as a 14 year old boy, Cis Farringdon. This man-child, takes the magistrate and everyone else, for a ride ! Lots of farce, fantastic timing, superb performances by the “child”, leading lady and the whole cast. This is a happy, cheerful theatrical piece set in the Victorian era. Simply 5 out of 5 catch it while it’s still on at the National Theatre, London.

– Tom Luc Sahara