Don't be Timid

Every now and then I come across artwork that I love to look at, if not stare at for hours and hours on end. There is something special to feel part of a piece of art, not all artists manage it, still creating beautiful pieces, but they don’t drag you in. Today whilst wandering through Bluewater Mall, I came across a small but very nice gallery. I was drawn to an image I could see at the back of the gallery.

Upon closer inspection, the pieces were by Sheffield born Craig Davison, quite reasonably priced to be fair, but more importantly, absolutely engaging. There’s a portrait of Craig next to the works and as with all things cool, Craig doesn’t have one of those immediately recognisable “Artist” faces. But lets face it, nobody is there to look at Craig (no offence dude, but your pieces are way to pretty to worry about you ;)).

Craig’s take on these kids is amazing, perfectly combining real life qualities into these animated, cartoon kids. Kids that you can’t help but smile at, engage with and really believe what you’re seeing. You really shouldn’t take my word for it, head along to the gallery yourself and check the pieces out. If, like me you fall in love with them immediately and just can’t wait, check out the collections available online, you can even order them for delivery to your own walls.

Armed Force by Craig Davison

Dynamic Duo by Craig Davison