Don't be Timid

Illustration is something everyone has to do in the world of image making, some are more “detailed” than others, my own storyboards range from stick men with boxes and arrows to more detailed colour schemes detailing light fall. My skills as an illustrator are barely good enough to get me by day-to-day, and anyone that can draw, colour and create pieces that I want to look at over and over have my utmost respect.

Arturo Elena is one of those people, his eye for detail, with his own twist on the human form always creates images to bewitch their audience.

Arturo begun working in the 1980’s as a women and men collections designer assistant in Barcelona, and has been creating seductive images for Victorio & Lucchino throughout his whole career.

From 1998 Arturo has been a permanent illustration guest lecturer in the Istituto Europeo di Design (Madrid, Barcelona), Arturo has won several awards and was recently invited by the Fashion Museum (Museo del Traje CIPE) in Madrid, where he launched an exhibition dedicated to his 25 years as an illustrator, called “Arturo Elena: 25 years of illustration”.

Arturo can be found with the clever bunch at Factory311 should you need his expertise to create you something truly beautiful.

– Dave

(Images from Factory311)